July 14, 2014

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have only one baby- it’s definitely less hectic, and your wallet will thank you for not having to set up multiple college funds. And what child wants their parent’s divided attention? …Well, at least until their teenage years!

But because your only-child will grow up primarily surrounded by adults, they will mature more quickly and likely feel less compelled to make friends their own age. But giving them a push at an early age will help to prevent that from occurring!

Join “Baby and Me” classes in your community such as swimming lessons, or arts and crafts to give your little one the opportunity to be surrounded by other children their age. Not only is it a great social learning experience, but switching up your infant’s daily routine can have a positive impact on the both of you!

No matter how much attention you shower your baby with, it’s important to remember that as they grow older, they may start to feel lonely. It’s normal for an only-child to form an attachment to a stuffed animal or create imaginary friends to fill the void of an absent sibling.

Which brings us to why organizing play dates is important for only-children, even at the infancy stage. Getting your baby familiar with other babies their size will make the transition into “toddler-hood” much easier, and help them to be less dependent when it’s time to send them off to a daycare or pre-school. Growing up with childhood friends is also great for their development and will give them all the perks of having a sibling…without all the endless squabbles!

And don’t forget that your HANDS Home Visitor is always available if you need any further advice!