July 08, 2014

​Taking your little one on an airplane doesn’t have to be chaotic! Sure, some crying is bound to happen… but here are some helpful tips to ensure the trip isn’t all bad!

​1. Take a well stocked diaper bag: including diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, a sippy cup, a book or two, some quiet toys, and an extra change of clothes.

2. Try to travel during nap time: a sleeping baby is a happy baby.

3. Take all liquids out of the diaper bag before getting to security: this will prevent the anxiety and stress of going through security and speed along the process.

4. Sit close to other parents with small children: they tend to be more understanding and helpful.

5. Relax: if your baby does start to cry don’t freak out. This is normal and stressing out about it will only make it worse.

6. Ignore the dirty looks: people are going to stare and roll there eyes. Just try to keep your cool, apologize, and relax.