May 22, 2014

Every new mother wants what’s best for her baby. While for some that means breastfeeding, infant formula offers another option.

Formula comes in ready-to-use liquids as well as liquid or powder concentrates to mix with water. Most baby formula comes from cow’s milk, but special formulas created from soy or hypoallergenic ingredients are available for babies who need special diets.

Formula can be warmed in a container of hot water. Do not use a microwave because it can heat unevenly and burn your baby. Formula at the correct temperature shouldn’t feel too warm on your skin. Test the temperature by shaking a few drops on your wrist.

Hold your baby close, make eye contact and angle the bottle so the nipple is always full. This will help prevent your baby from swallowing air. Burp your baby after feedings.

A newborn may need to be fed every two hours. Use the recommended number of ounces per serving when preparing formula, as bottles can vary in size. Infant formula can be used for the first year. After that, a baby can typically be given cow’s milk.

Talk to your child’s pediatrician to choose a feeding option that is best for you and your baby!