Success Stories

I have been with HANDS for quite a while now and I absolutely love it!

Without HANDS I have no clue what I would be doing. They helped me address

concerns I had during pregnancy and even after they were born, they

continued to be in our lives. They helped me to understand where my

children should be in their development. I know that if there was anything

I had questions or concerns about, HANDS would always be there to lend a

helping hand.


After my boyfriend and I found out we would be having our first child, we

were scared to say the least. We were filled with panic, anxiety,

happiness and joy. The two of us were pretty much clueless on how we were

going to get through this.

Then we found HANDS. Heather, our support director, came into our lives

and gave us so much hope. She has taught us so much more than we ever

thought we could learn. She has been patient with us and our scheduling.

She manages to come by every week and enlighten us with facts about

having and raising a child, that without HANDS we would not have known.

Thanks to HANDS I went from being frightened about how to raise a child,

to being prepared to rock everything life is ready to throw at us. All of

this information provided to us from HANDS has boosted our confidence as

parents. We cannot wait to see what the next two years hold for us.


I am so thankful for the HANDS program and our family support worker,

Dawn! I have been with HANDS since I was 12 weeks pregnant and have

learned so much about parenting and how to help my son grow and develop.

My little one¹s name is Carter and he is six months old.


I joined the HANDS program back in February of 2014 after I found out I

was pregnant in January of that year. HANDS is a wonderful program, and I

have learned so much from them being involved in our lives.

Connie, our support worker, is not only a great help, but she is also like

family. My daughter and I both love and appreciate her so much. I had my

daughter at 27 weeks and 4 days. She was 12 week and 3 days premature;

born on May 5, 2014. She was 2 lbs., 4 oz. and 13 1Ž2 inches long. She did

not require oxygen or any other assistive machines besides needing a

feeding tube for the first month and a half of her 63 day stay in NICU. My

little miracle was a feeder/grower. She was able to come home on July 8th,

which was before her due date when she was 4 lbs. 11oz. She was diagnosed

with a heart murmur a week before she came home, but at about 4 months old

there was no more sign of it.

She just turned 15 months August 5th and is 20 lbs. and 29 inches long. My

baby is a healthy, walking thriving toddler who is completely caught up on

everything, and I couldn¹t be more proud.


I started working with HANDS early in my pregnancy. From the first meeting, I knew this was the program for me! Through HANDS, I began to learn about many helpful tips, like talking to your child at an early age can light up brain cells. I also learned that babies can be PURPLE criers, never once thinking that my son would be one. For the first couple of months, my son would cry for hours on end. I never thought we would get through that initial stage.

My HANDS Coordinator, Heather, listened tas I shared about my son’s crying, and gave me tools to alleviate the issue. One tool was learning to swaddle my son at night, something I would not have learned without my HANDS coordinator.

Now at four months old, it is safe to say we made it through the PURPLE crying stage! Crying for hours can really test your patience. I would not have gotten through this so easily if Heather hadn’t coached me through that stage of his life. Thank you, Heather!


I was only in HANDS for a small time with both of my boys, but my time
with my workers was helpful and refreshing. I was given vital information
on my child’s development, and the support was phenomenal! I recommend
HANDS to any new mother I meet. No matter what level of education a
person has, the HANDS program will teach us all something new.


My name is Elizabeth, and I am the mother of three wonderful children. While I was pregnant with Aiden, my youngest child, there were a lot of complications, resulting in him being born two months premature. He spent the first month of his life in NICU at Owensboro Regional Health in Owensboro, KY. The whole time we were there, I was told Aiden would be a special needs child. Aiden suffered from sleep apnea, and doctors wondered if he could see. I grew depressed thinking of all the things my baby could and would miss out on as he grew. I feared how I was going to take care of my special child all on my own. I shared my concerns to the nurses, and they referred me to the HANDS Program.

After getting in touch with HANDS, I began meeting with Heather. Heather listened to my concerns for Aiden, and tailored our meetings around his needs. Aiden is almost eight months old, and is doing great. We have since been given the best news- that Aiden, indeed, can see! He has been beating the odds that have been stacked against him since birth.

Heather has been wonderful! She has gone above and beyond to come up with activities and resources to help my baby boy. I could not be more thankful for Heather! Together, Heather and HANDS have been a real Godsend!