Success Stories

I started working with HANDS early in my pregnancy. From the first meeting, I knew this was the program for me! Through HANDS, I began to learn about many helpful tips, like talking to your child at an early age can light up brain cells. I also learned that babies can be PURPLE criers, never once thinking that my son would be one. For the first couple of months, my son would cry for hours on end. I never thought we would get through that initial stage.

My HANDS Coordinator, Heather, listened tas I shared about my son’s crying, and gave me tools to alleviate the issue. One tool was learning to swaddle my son at night, something I would not have learned without my HANDS coordinator.

Now at four months old, it is safe to say we made it through the PURPLE crying stage! Crying for hours can really test your patience. I would not have gotten through this so easily if Heather hadn’t coached me through that stage of his life. Thank you, Heather!